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The SRA of Vic Inc is looking forward to the 2018-2019 season

SRA of Vic Release 2018-2019 Race Dates
Author : Ian Vale

The Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria committee today meet with the venue operators that conducted sprintcar racing events during the past 2017-2018 season to finalize the planned 2018-2019 race dates that the venues requested. After discussions on events and a few changes between the venue operators the race date calendar was set with a couple of events formats to be finalized.

After further discussions within the committee after the track meeting the Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria is please to be able to release the 2018-2019 seasons race dates. Please note some events may change or be added. The full details of the SRA Open Sprintcar Series, 360 Sprintcar events and other Blue Ribbon events will be announced in due course.

In brief some of the Blue Ribbon Events to be conducted prior to the New Year break will be the Avalon Raceway Jackpot invitational race, Premier Speedway will also present the Open Victoria Sprintcar Title and the annual Max Race. The SRA will conduct eight SRA Eureka Series rounds, Western Speedway will hold the annual SRA 360 Sprintcar Gold Cup that will be one possible five SRA 360 events during the season.

World Series Sprintcars will visit Mt Gambier, Avalon Raceway and Premier Speedway on two occasions this season. We then head into some of the biggest Sprintcar events on the national calendar, the Presidents Cup, Kings Challenge and the Classic. The Australian Sprintcar Title will follow the Classic one week later at Archerfield in Queensland giving the Victorian scene a few weeks break.

The SRA season will resuming in mid February for another five rounds of the SRA Open Sprintcar Series. The SRA 360 Sprintcars will be at Simpson Speedway for the Victorian 360 Sprintcar Title in March, this will be followed by the Heartland and Avalon 360 Sprintcar events in April that will be a part of the SRA 360 Sprintcar Triple Crown Series with one other event to be finalized before the season wraps up with the annual Easter Sprintcar Trail.

So this is what the 2018-2019 Victorian Sprintcar Seasons dates are:
October 2018.
13th Avalon Raceway - SRA Series (TBC) this event may go to the 27th of October.
20th Heartland Raceway - SRA Series.

November 2018.
3rd Premier Speedway - SRA Series.
10th Avalon Raceway – Jackpot Invitational.
17th Premier Speedway – SRA Series / Victorian Open Sprintcar Title.
24th Mt Gambier – SRA Series.

December 2018.
1st Western Speedway Hamilton – SRA 360 Sprintcars Gold Cup.
8th Wangaratta Speedway – SRA Series.
15th Premier Speedway – Max Race.
26th Avalon Raceway – SRA Series / Gold Cup.
27th Simpson Speedway – SRA Series.
28th Borderline Speedway – WSS.
29th Premier Speedway – WSS.
30th Avalon Raceway – WSS.

January 2019.
1st Premier Speedway – WSS.
16th Avalon Raceway – Presidents Cup.
17th Borderline Speedway – Kings Challenge.
18th, 19th & 20th Premier Speedway Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic.

26 & 27th Australian Open Sprintcar Title at Archerfield Speedway Qld.

February 2019.
16th Western Speedway Hamilton – SRA Series
23rd Heartland Raceway - SRA Series.

March 2019.
2nd Avalon Raceway - SRA Series / Great Southern Showdown.
9th Redline Raceway – SRA Series.
10th Simpson Speedway – SRA Victorian 360 Sprintcar Title.
16th Premier Speedway – SRA Series – Grand Final.
30th Premier Speedway – Sprintcars (TBA).

6th Heartland Raceway - SRA 360 Sprintcars – Triple Crown Series.
13th Avalon Raceway – SRA 360 Sprintcar Diggers Cup – Triple Crown Series.
19th Avalon Raceway – Easter Sprintcar Trail night 1.
20th Borderline Speedway – Easter Sprintcar Trail night 2.
21st Premier Speedway – Easter Sprintcar Trail night 3.

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