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Jacob Smith heads into this weekends double Header as One of the Favorites. Photo courtesy of Corey Gibson Photography

A Double Header for the SRA C&H Trucking Series This Weekend
Author : SRA Media

The Pro Sprintcar action continues on this weekend with a double header starting off at Avalon Raceway on Saturday night then on to Simpson Speedway for Sunday afternoon for rounds eight and nine of the C&H Trucking Pro Sprintcar Series that also doubles for rounds two and three of A Plus Powder Coating Triple Crown Series that has attracted over thirty two plus entries for both events.

With nearly all the top twenty drivers in the C&H Trucking Pro Sprintcar Series entered for both nights there is sure to be some very hard close racing over the weekend.

Round eight of the Series is a special night at Avalon Raceway that will have a tribute to the Anzac’s of this country before racing gets underway and the drivers will also be racing for the Diggers Cup.

Michael Tancredi won the last round of the Series at Portland’s Southern 500 Speedway a few weeks back and at that round he also claimed his third Victorian 360/Pro Sprintcar Title. Tancredi will be a major player on both nights this weekend.

Jacob Smith showed he has the ability to be on the top step on any given night after narrowly being defeated at last weekend Australian pro Sprintcar Title. Jacob had the near perfect set up at Avalon last weekend and that must put him in good stead for a victory this Saturday night and Simpson Speedway is listed as one of Jacob’s favourite tracks, keep an eye on the V72.

Sam Wren and Dennis Jones have been the top two in the C&H Trucking Series over the last few rounds, while Wren leads the Series Jones missed the last round and will be out wanting to gain the valuable points to try and get back to the number spot.

Josh Buckingham, Matthew Symons and Steven loader have all visited the top step on the podium this season in the series and will all once again be major players this weekend.

Over the last few seasons in the Pro Sprintcar Series, A Plus Powder Coating has been a great supporter in the Series and also sponsors three rounds of the Series (R7,8 and 9) that makes up the A Plus Powder Coating Triple Crown Series that rewards the top Four drivers within a prize poole.

Some of the other drivers entered for both rounds of the Series are Daniel Storer, Harry Ross, Marcus Green, Shaun Lyness, Andy Hibbert, Queensland’s Kinser Claridge, Brett Smith, Justin Barton, Luke Cole and this list goes on.

Tasmania’s Tate Frost will return to Avalon Raceway this weekend but not in his usual T62 mount but will take the wheel in the V88 machine.

A full list of driver nominations for both rounds of the Series can be viewed on Sprintcarworld under nomination or go to Avalon Raceway and Simpson Speedway web sites or their Facebook page.

Avalon Raceway will commence with on track action at approximately 5pm while the Simpson Speedway being an afternoon/ twilight show are looking to have on track action at approximately 3pm.

C&H Trucking Series Top ten
1st – V19 Sam Wren – 1900
2nd – V17 Dennis Jones – 1786
3rd –VA82 Luke Cole – 1577
4th – V23 Josh Buckingham – 1507
5th – VA70 Matthew Symons – 1502
6th – V10 Steven Loader – 1492
7th – VA49 Shaun Lyness – 1320
8th – VA14 Harry Ross - 1312
9th – V2 Andy Hibbert – 1293
10th – VA8 Steven Horton – 1218

11th to 20th in the Points Strandings
11th – V86 Justin Barton – 1176
12th – VA43 Daniel Storer - 1150
13th – VA68 Kim Loong Gosling – 1135
14th – VA16 Jack Van Bremen - 994
15th – VA35Adam Greenwood – 923
16th – VA98 Shane Steenholdt – 871
17th – VA32 Travis Millar – 830
18th – VA11 Phil Micallef - 823
19th – V20 Thomas McDonald – 810
20th – V29 Michael Tancredi – 785

A Plus Powder Coating Triple Crown Series.
Top 10 standing after Round 1.
1st – V29 Michael Tancredi – 391
2nd – Q47 – Kinser Claridge - 374
3rd – VA43 Daniel Storer – 361
4th – V19 Sam Wren - 355
5th – V72 Jacob Smith - 317
6th – VA49 Shaun Lyness - 316
7th – V86 Justin Barton - 306
8th – V25 Jack Lee – 295
9th – VA14 Harry Ross - 277
10th – VA11 Phil Micallef - 269

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Pro Sprintcar Series sponsors:

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