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SRA Open Series R1 Top 3 - Bobby Daly - Rusty Hickman - Chad Ely - Photo courtesy of Corey Gibson Photography

Hickman Cleans Up in the Opening round of the SRA Open Series
Author : SRA Media

The opening round of the Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria Open Sprintcar Series was a challenging affair for many of the drivers, but not so for Rusty Hickman who clean swept the night to set fast time in his qualifying run, then Rusty followed that up winning his heat race and then the A Main event to give him the perfect score for the night.

With Heartland Raceway all set for their season opener with what looked to be a well prepared track, the weather was not too hot and there was good cloud cover to greet a very strong field of Sprintcars and Sedan to strut their stuff. But as often things don’t go to plan when around mid afternoon the winds picked up and the sun came and dried out the racing surface. This presented a big challenge for drivers and teams to master the drying conditions.

Both Brett Milburn and Terry Rankin who were two of the drivers that were expected to qualify direct in the A Main had to do it the hard way and transfer via the B Main.

With Rusty Hickman looking to be the man to beat Boddy Daly’s early season hit out in Darwin had him in good stead for a shot at the feature win when he qualified on the front row with Hickman for the main event.

Twenty cars rolled around the big Heartland Raceway to greet the green flag for the twenty five lap journey.

Hickman won the race start to lead away from Bobby Daly and Chad Ely only for the red light to come on at the completion of lap two when Mitchell Smith roller in the back straight.

Back under way Hickman was in control from Bobby Daly who had Ched Ely in hot pursuit. One of the early movers was Brett Milburn moving from position fifteen to be in P10 by lap four. Hickman was into traffic by lap eight opening the gap back to Daly and Ely. Half race distance and the order was Hickman, Daly, Ely then Daniel Pestka, Daniel Sayer, Dane Court who was holding down a creditable sixth place on his first visit to the venue. Milburn was now up to seventh place, Glen Sutherland was in eight while Terry Rankin was doing a good job and now up into ninth.

Ten to go and Daly looked to be in control holding down a second place only to get a little sideway on the slick track and loose his moment allowing Ely to snatch second place. Daly recovered quickly to take third in the running order.

Up front Rusty Hickman was in charge putting in a strong performance to greet the cheque flag with a comfortable margin from Chad Ely home in second place, Bobby Daly took third followed by Daniel Pestka, Daniel Sayer, Dane Court, Brett Milburn, Brenten Farrer, Terry Rankin and Glen Sutherland rounding out the top ten.

Other finishes in order were Jackson Delamont, Josh Fort who did a creditable job to finish in twelve place with his LS3 powered machine, Jesse Attard, Eddie Lumbar and Michael Tancredi rounded out the finishers.

Coby Elliot, Marcus Green, Mick Saller, David Aldersley and Mitchell Smith were none finishers.

The last chance B-Main was taken out by Brett Milburn from Terry Rankin, Jesse Attard, Josh Fort, Eddie Lumbar and Mitchel Smith who all transferred to the Eliminator Race Wings main event.

Heat wins went to Rusty Hickman, Dane Court, David Aldersley.

Heat group fast qualifiers were Rusty Hickman, Bobby Daly & Chad Ely.

Full race results can be viewed under results at www.sravic.com or at www.sprintcarworld.com.au

SRA Open Sprintcar Series nightly contingency awards:
Avalon Raceway drivers draw: ($50) – S98 Chad Ely.
D&F Racing products: Hard luck of the night – V75 Mitchell Smith.
C&H Trucking: Top Points Scorer ($100) – V40 Rusty Hickman
Steelpipes Australia: 1st competitor not to transfer from B to A-Main ($100) – N15 Luke Thomas
IDIGIT – Winner of the B Main ($200) – V68 Brett Milburn.
Hoosier Tires WAV 100: A Main feature winner, WAV R/Rear Winner ($100):
V40 Rusty Hickman, plus $50 for Hoosier L/Rear.

End of Series awards:
Lumbar Transport - End of Series most heat wins – V40 Rusty Hickman, VA15 Dane Court, V64 David Aldersley. (1 Win each)
G&C Forestry - Most cars passed in the A-Main on the night. V68 Brett Milburn (8 cars)
(End of series award) Most cars passed overall – V68 Brett Milburn. (8 Cars)
Eliminator Race Wings – for the driver that transfers the most from the B Main to the A Main event the most. Overall, Brett Milburn, Terry Rankin, Jesse Attard, Josh Fort, Eddie Lumbar, Mitchell Smith. (1 Times each) - (In the event of a tie the driver with the most points in the Series wins)
Camden Neon Signs – sponsors of the Series Prize Poole top ten award
C & H Trucking sponsor in the top ten award.
Eureka Garages & Sheds - Prize Poole.
Award – Top ten random draw at the Presentation Dinner.
G&C Forestry - for drivers finishing between 11th and 20th place in the Series. Random draw at the Presentation Dinner $1000 to the winner.
Parr Motorsports –Drivers Driver award as voted on by the drivers in the Series. (End of Series award)

Camden Signage & Building Services – Series, Top 10:
1st – Rusty Hickman - 430
2nd – Chad Ely - 403
3rd – Bobby Daly - 393
4th – Daniel Sayer - 372
5th – Daniel Pestka - 367
6th – Dane Court - 350
7th – Brett Milburn - 311
8th – Brenten Farrer -306
9th – S20 Glen Sutherland - 301
10th – Terry Rankin – 294

G&C Forestry (End of Series random draw between 11th & 20th place)
11th – Jackson Delamont - 286
12th – Michael Tancredi - 242
13th – Jessie Attard - 238
14th – Josh Fort - 231
15th – Coby Elliot - 228
16th – Mick Saller - 226
17th – Marcus Green - 223
18th – David Aldersley – 223
19th – Eddie Lumbar – 221
20th – David Dennison - 255

The Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria thank the following SRA Open Sprintcar Series and season partners for their support:

Hoosier Tires Australia www.mdmotorsport.com.au
Camden Signage & Building Services www.camdenneon.com.au
Steelpipes Pty Ltd www.steelpipes.com.au
Lumbars Transport www.lumbars.com.au
Eureka Garages & Sheds www.eurekagarages.com.au
Eliminator Race Wings www.crossmotorsport.com
Parr Motorsports www.parrmotorsport.com
Avalon Raceway www.avalonraceway.com.au
Corey Gibson Photography www.gibsonphotography.com.au
Sprintcarworld www.sprintcarworld.com.au
Maxam Printing www.maxamprinting.com.au
G & C Forestry https://www.facebook.com/gcforestry
D & F Race Products
C & H Trucking

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