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2024 - 410 Victorian Sprintcar Title Nomination Form

2023-2024 SRA C&H Trucking Pro Sprintcar Series Nomination Forms

2023-2024 SRA Open Sprintcar Series
Drivers Critera Rules Regs Nominations - Forms

For Online Nomination –  Click Here To Nominate
You Must Reregister for each new season

You must first become a member, click on Join us
Please fill all the information boxes carefully and correctly, and false information will see your nomination not accepted. All boxes in the first four section must be filled in or you will not be able complete you log in account.

Licensing Details
Left hand boxes are your Sprintcar information requirements.
First box – Select Sprintcar
Second box -Division Licence number (This is your Sprintcar Control Council Licence Number)
(DO NOT put your Speedway Licence card number here)
Third Box – Div Licence Expiry – it will be (30/06/2015)
Fourth Box – State prefix & car number (eg V25)
Right hand boxes are other licence information requirements only. EG Speedway Australia, NDRA
Banking Details

DO NOT MAKE A MISTAKE HERE – Make sure that you supply the correct information as this cannot be changed once you have set up your log in page.
Social media is optional as is the sponsor details

You Must Reregister for each new season


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