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The SRA Series R4 Top three Chad Ely - Jamie Veal - Brock Hallett - Phot courtesy of Corey Gibson Photography

Warrnambool’s Jamie Veal Wins at Premier Speedway
Author : SRA Media

Local hero Jamie Veal produced a memorable clean sweep of round 4 of the SRA Sprintcar Series at Warrnambool’s Premier Speedway when he not only run down early race leader Brock Hallett to win the A-main, he also quick timed in his group, won his heat race after starting sixth and started pole courtesy of winning the Gold Shootout.

While Veal’s results were perfect on the night the results certainly don’t reflect how difficult a task this was considering Hallett’s excellent start to propel himself to the early race lead utilizing the quicker highline to great effect. Hallett only managed a front row start when Queensland teen Jy Corbet rolled infield after the entire rear brake assembly removed itself from the NQ10 on the form up lap after he was due to start from position 2 following an excellent run in the Gold Shootout where he finished second only to Veal.

Hallett’s early pace was very good and there was no doubt on the ever evolving Premier Speedway racing surface tire management was crucial to his success and began his search for potential grip developing on the low line mid race. Meanwhile Veal was already moving around the race track in his pursuit of the preferred line and he capitalised mid race executing a great pass for the lead.

While Veal assumed the lead, Hallett was gallant in his chase narrowing the lead numerous times before Veal managed the final few laps perfectly to record a great win with Hallett a strong second. Hallett could consider himself fortunate as during the Gold Shootout he rolled infield with a loose fuel line eliminating him from the Shootout and sentencing him to a fourth starting spot in the A-main. Being able to repair the loose fitting was a blessing as he dropped to fourth starting spot as a result and had that have happened at the start of the A-main a DNF would have been the only outcome.

While much of the focus was on the leading pair the racing behind produced plenty of passing and a number of drivers were able to move forward in the feature despite the surface producing high tire wear.

Crossing the line third was Adelaide’s Chad Ely following an intense battle with fourth placed Tate Frost while Lockie McHugh and Marcus Dumesny were also in the hunt for a podium before fading late in the race.
Ely’s excellent result was largely due to his impressive run through the shootouts where he managed to move through the Bronze and Silver and finished third in the Gold making up an additional five spots before the A-main began.

Meanwhile Frost raced quickly into contention after starting from position ten. From there he also relegated two spots at a restart for a pass deemed on the infield.
Fifth across the line was a hard charging Ryan Newton as the Queensland teen started fifteenth on the grid after winning the B-main.

Newton just pipped Cam Waters who raced his way into the top five after starting thirteenth and was unlucky at the checkered flag to slip to sixth courtesy of the hard charging Newton.

New South Wales gasman Alex Orr continued his excellent Premier Speedway form crossing the line in seventh after starting fourteenth and he managed to keep McHugh behind him in eighth.

Ninth was Daniel Pestka ahead of Terry Rankin, Glen Sutherland, Adam King, Scott Enderl, Jake Smith, Ashley Cook, Dane Court and Peter Doukas.

Marcus Dumesny registered a DNF courtesy of a flat left rear after a strong run inside the top 3 while Bobby Daly also suffered damage and finished infield along with the unlucky Corbet who never took the green flag.

The last chance B-main saw Ryan Newton win and advance to the A-main along with Terry Rankin, Ashley Cook, Dane Court, Scott Enderl and Adam King.

Earlier the C-main witnessed a popular win for the eight time series champion Matthew Reed finishing ahead of Tim Hutchins, Zach Pacchiarotta and Brett Milburn who all advanced to the B-main.

Several impressive heat race performances earlier in the evening saw Jamie Veal win from sixth position in heat 1 while Marcus Dumesny saluted in heat 2 while Daniel Pestka and Jake Smith were the other heat race winners.

The SRA Sprintcar Series will return to Wangaratta Speedway in two week’s time for round 5 of the 12 round series.

SRA Open Sprintcar Series nightly contingency awards:
Avalon Raceway drivers draw: ($50) – T62 Tate Frost
D&F Racing products: Hard luck of the night – V68 Brett Milburn
C&H Trucking: Top Points Scorer ($100) – V35 Jamie Veal
Steelpipes Australia: 1st competitor not to transfer from B to A-Main ($100) –
V71 Marcus Green.
IDIGIT – Winner of the B Main ($200) – Q66 Ryan newton
Hoosier Tires WAV 100: A Main feature winner, WAV R/Rear Winner ($100):
V35 Jamie Veal. $100 + $50 for the left rear.

End of Series awards:
Lumbar Transport - End of Series most heat wins – S20 Glen Sutherland (2 Wins)
G&C Forestry - Most cars passed in the A-Main on the night. Q66 Ryan Newton (10 cars)
(End of series award) Most cars passed overall – N47 Marcus Dumesny (15 Cars)
Eliminator Race Wings – for the driver that transfers the most from the B Main to the A Main event the most. Overall, VA29 Terry Rankin, S11 Scott Enderl, VA36 Ashley Cook (2 Times each) (In the event of a tie the driver with the most points in the Series wins)
Camden Signage & Building Services – sponsor of the Series Prize Poole top ten award.
C & H Trucking sponsor in the top ten award.
Eureka Garages & Sheds - Prize Poole.
Award – Top ten random draw at the Presentation Dinner.
G&C Forestry - for drivers finishing between 11th and 20th place in the Series. Random draw at the Presentation Dinner $1000 to the winner.
Parr Motorsports –Drivers Driver award as voted on by the drivers in the Series. (End of Series award)

Camden Signage & Building Services – Series, Top 10:
1st – Daniel Pestka - 1299
2nd – Bobby Daly - 1251
3rd – Jamie Veal - 1166
4th – Glen Sutherland - 1070
5th – Tate Frost - 1057
6th – Chad Ely - 1009
7th – Terry Rankin – 992
8th – Brock Hallett - 956
9th – Dane Court – 917
10th – Brett Milburn – 904

G&C Forestry (End of Series random draw between 11th & 20th place)
11th – Cameron Waters - 850
12th – Tim Hutchins - 823
13th – Jy Corbet – 5807
14th – Jock Goodyer - 783
15th – Rusty Hickman - 782
16th – Marcus Green - 723
17th – David Aldersley – 699
18th – Parker Scott -688
19th – Lockie McHugh - 674
20th – Alex Orr - 672

The Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria thank the following SRA Open Sprintcar Series and season partners for their support:

Hoosier Tires Australia www.mdmotorsport.com.au
Camden Signage & Building Services www.camdenneon.com.au
Steelpipes Pty Ltd www.steelpipes.com.au
Lumbars Transport www.lumbars.com.au
Eureka Garages & Sheds www.eurekagarages.com.au
Eliminator Race Wings www.crossmotorsport.com
Parr Motorsports www.parrmotorsport.com
Avalon Raceway www.avalonraceway.com.au
Corey Gibson Photography www.gibsonphotography.com.au
Sprintcarworld www.sprintcarworld.com.au
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G & C Forestry https://www.facebook.com/gcforestry
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C & H Trucking

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