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Dennis Jones takes the C&H Trucking Pro Sprintcar Series points lead back. Photo courtesy of Corey Gibson Photography.

Frost takes the Avalon Raceway Diggers Cup
Author : SRA Media

Thirty five drivers and their machines lined up for the annual Avalon Raceway Diggers Cup in recognition of the Anzac’s. The event was also round 8 of the C&H Trucking Pro Sprintcar Series that double as round two of the A Plus Powder Coating Triple Crown Series. Tasmania’s Tate Frost put in a strong drive to win the nights main event.

Frost put in a big drive to lap half the field when the caution lights came on at lap seventeen. On the restart Frost lead the field away but he now had both Jacob Smith who had moved up from stating position eight to take second place and Matthew Symons up into third place in pursuit. Pole sitter Dennis Jones had been demoted down to fourth place for the run to the flag.

With many good battles going on thru out the field there would be no denying Frost of the race win while Smith had to settle for second place once again after being the runner up at last weekend’s Australian Pro Sprintcar Title here at Avalon Raceway. Symons continued his good form to take third place ahead of Jones who was being hotly pressed by Harry Ross for fourth place as they crossed the finish line.

Round out the C&H Trucking / Diggers Cup A main were Daniel Storer, Michael Tancredi, Shane Steenholdt, Michael Holt, Zac Farrer, James Wren, Michael Cunningham and Mitchell Smith.

Hard luck on the night would have to go to the points leader going into this round of the Series, Sam Wren, Wren had qualified in ninth place for the main event only for the rear axel to break on the formation lap of the main event to end his night that would see his Series points lost.

Dennis Jones’s fourth place gave him enough points to take the C&H Trucking Pro Sprintcar Series point lead back going into (today’s round Sunday the 21st) at Simpson Speedway.

Micheal Tancredi maintained the A Plus Power Coating Triple Crown Series top points while Daniel Storer moved up to second place and Jacob Smith into third, today’s twilight meeting at Simpson will be the final round of the triple Crown mini series.
All roads now lead to Simpson Speedway of today’s Twilight meeting to begin at 3pm for round nine, the penultimate round of the C&H Trucking Pro Sprintcar Series for2023-2024.

The top six B Main drivers to transfer to the A Main event were Justin Barton, Mitchell Smith, Michael Cunningham, Michael Holt, James Wren and Daniel Scott.
Other drivers to finish the B Main in order were Luke Weel, Travis Millar, Ben Morrison, Anthony Foster, Luke Cole, James Oliver, Andy Hibbert and Thomas McDonald.

The C Main was taken out by Travis Millar from James Oliver, Luke Cole, Anthony Foster who all transferred to the B Main. Rounding out the finishers were Jack Van Bremen, Shaun Lyness, Paul Drew and Matt Grist.

Heat race wins were taken out by VA14 Harry Ross, V29 Michael Tancredi, V88 Tate Frost, VA43 Daniel Storer, V75 Mitchell Smith, V17 Dennis Jones.

The C&H Trucking Pro Sprintcar heads to Simpson Speedway (today) Sunday the 21st of April for round 9 of the Series that will also double up for round 3 of the A Plus Powder Coating Triple Crown Series.

C& H Trucking Pro Sprintcar Series awards:
End of Series awards:

SS Auto Wholesales: Most heat wins during the Series. ($500)
(In the event of a tie the driver with the most Series points wins)
Overall leader- V17 Dennis Jones. (4 wins)

Eliminator Race Wings – (Two awards) A new front win for each award. 1st award -The driver that transfers from the B Main to the A Main the most.
VA8 Steven Horton, VA83 Luke Cole, (Three times each)
(In the event of a tie the driver that finishers highest in the point wins)
2nd award - The most improved driver of the Series. (End of Series award)

SS Auto Wholesales: -The driver that finishes in sixth place in the A Main at each round of the Series ($100). VA43 Daniel Storer.
Eureka Garages & Sheds: The top points scorer at each round of the Series. ($100) V17 Dennis Jones.

C&H Trucking Series Top ten
1st – V17 Dennis Jones – 12169
2nd – V19 Sam Wren – 12124
3rd – VA70 Matthew Symons – 1873
4th – VA82 Luke Cole – 1738
5th – V10 Steven Loader – 1701
6th – VA14 Harry Ross - 1647
7th – V23 Josh Buckingham – 1507
8th – VA43 Daniel Storer - 1500
9th – VA49 Shaun Lyness – 1470
10th – V2 Andy Hibbert – 1465

11th to 20th in the Points Strandings
11th – V86 Justin Barton – 1419
12th – VA8 Steven Horton – 1349
13th – VA98 Shane Steenholdt – 1190
14th – VA16 Jack Van Bremen - 91141
15th – VA68 Kim Loong Gosling – 1135
16th – V29 Michael Tancredi – 1120
17th – V72 Jacob Smith - 1072
18th – V20 Thomas McDonald – 1000
19th – VA32 Travis Millar – 982
20th – VA35Adam Greenwood – 923

A Plus Powder Coating Triple Crown Series.
Top 10 standing after Round 2.
1st – V29 Michael Tancredi –726
2nd – VA43 Daniel Storer – 711
3rd – V72 Jacob Smith - 686
4th – VA14 Harry Ross - 612
5th – V19 Sam Wren - 579
6th – V86 Justin Barton – 549
7th – Q47 – Kinser Claridge – 507
8th – VA70 Matthew Symons - 501
9th – VA49 Shaun Lyness – 466
10th – V10 Steven Loader - 450

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